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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, September 16 2010, 22:55:26 (UTC)
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...we hear the same argument used by the Aprims to explain how it was that Islam triumphed over Jesus in the MidEast and BetNharain in particular...once again we are told that the drop in numbers of Christians was due to wholesale murder by the Arabs...this is the only way they are willing to explain their losses...nothing else comes to mind or will be addmitted...while they themselves claim that everywhere a priest or monk went hordes of people threw away their own traditons and cultures for a Jew carpenter...yet they simply will not allow the possibility that everywhere a Muslim went, people fell all over themselves at the words of an Arabian camel HAD to be through murder that Islam grew and Christianity diminished.

While there is no proof at all, ask Bet-Shlimon, that Muslims murdered people into Islam...there is plenty of hard evidence that this is what Christians did...if there was no other way to know this is true all we would have to know is that Christians are accusing someone else, this time Muslims, of what allways turn out to be THEIR crimes...but fortunately there is more than this...there is the research and scholarship that tells us Charlemagne murdered 4500 pagans in one day because they refused baptism...that means those pagans who did accept did so on pain of death...there are too many such examples to list...anyone wanting to refute these figures need only bring counter-evidence.

But even more telling and recent is the real story of how Africans and South American Natives were "brought to Christ". In these two cases, especially for the more recent one regarding Africans, we KNOW it was done through force, through murder, rape, pillage and the stealing of infants from parents in order to save them...(good lord...if someone came up with the notion that rape saved a woman's soul, even though it defiled her body (or a man's), Christians would be raping everything that walked in the smug realization that although a bit hard on the person, it nonetheless brought the blessings of the love and forgiveness of Jesus...wait a minute,they ARE raping left and right, children that is.).

If it was ever true that people leaped into the arms of to explain that they were so unwilling in Africa....or Latin America. Why didnīt the Aztecs make this LEAP...why not the Incas? Why not Native Americans? Why not the Africans who were enslaved? In all these cases we know that millions were beaten and murdered into Christ...and their descendants know this full well...and yet they all weep and sigh and bless this Jesus and his fucking church.

What does it say about you...about whatīs been done to you, if you sing the praises of the man who raped your mother?


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