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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, April 22 2014, 20:14:40 (UTC)
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"The Ottoman Turks even reviewed the records of the Spanish Inquisition to come up with ideas for torture."

-- Interesting sentence in which the writer condemns Muslim Turks (whether true or not) for "reviewing records of the [Catholic] Spanish Inquisition to come up with ideas for torture" against... Christians.

"To encourage and justify the attacks, they promulgated rumors that Christians were traitorously assisting the Empire's enemies. A fatwa was declared against Christians and was announced in mosques throughout the empire."

-- True or FALSE! Many of us who's relatives resided in Turkey have heard numerous stories regarding the resistance (the only proof of which I have is a photograph of my late grandmother's former husband, Avu) who joined the fight against the Turks as shock troops for the Allies, just as the Turks used the Qurdish militias in the same manner.

But ultimately, having been raised on stories about that period in human history, I still have a knee-jerk reaction when I remember my grandmother telling me how she witnessed her father murdered in her presence for reusing to say "La Ilaha Illallah" -- it makes it difficult to let go of the anger, whether manufactured or real. I agree with most of Dr. Justin McCarthy's presentation in which he illustrates the bigotry of western press from the late 1800's... but in my opinion, I don't find it hard to believe that the Young Turks wanted the "Turkification" of their country which had been in the crosshairs of Christian Europe and rendered as the "Sick Man of Europe". In the past Christian Missionaries were used as flags which imperialists planted in resource-rich countries. These days it's Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), or as Tariq Ali calls them, "Governmental Organizations doing the work the CIA did decades past."

Anyway... I thought you'd get a kick out of this article.


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