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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, June 6 2011, 8:32:58 (UTC)
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I thought on her forum they were resurrecting Assyrian in Iraq and not Chicago. What happened to Muslims and Kurds? In what way have Latin Kings hindered them from fighting Muslims? They haven't build a spoon in Assyria but are praising gangs now and that's the best they can come up with. There is nothing nice about bragging about some drop outs and drug addicts. This gang they are praising and the others in Chicago haven't done anything for their Assyria. They have even killed many other Assyrians and most of them ended up in jail. If this is the best they can come up with, this time Assyria is really going down the toilet more than any other time we have said it. This is absolutely absurd and I can't believe this shit, but then again, we dealing with Assyrians. The dumb asses they are praising were all criminals or actually wannabe thugs who watched American TV and copied Blacks and Latinos. This has nothing to do with Assyria but is just another justification for their fuck ups. They do the same thing with how they blame their failures in life on Muslims and Iraqis. As if it's the fault of Iraq that Fred Aprim has to pose as an historian and is only an amateur like the rest of us are.

I bet they all live on welfare and don't have much going that they have to waste their time with this. For a people who view their time so precious and important, they sure have time to waste on this kind of stuff.


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