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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, June 6 2011, 16:11:30 (UTC)
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...I'm reminded now of an assyrian fellow whose name escapes me....he was in the union in Chicago that deals with want anything done in a hotel or convention center and you have to deal with them...I met him in 1988 when we flew the finished statue of Ashurbanipal from California to Chicago for an unveiling at the national Federation convention...only when I got to the hotel did I discover that I couldn't touch the statue anywhere inside the was a Sunday evening and there was no one to drive the forklift....I was introduced to this assyrian fellow by the then president of the Federation who told me not to wait for him at the back entrance where Ashurbanipal, in a wood crate was waiting....soon, around the corner, driving a forklift from I don't know where, he appeared and carted the crate inside to the ballroom and soon had the statue standing upright...he refused any money and was there the next day to take it down and cart it back outside..,.two years later he was found dead, cut in pieces, in the truck of his car....I'm still convinced he was dealing heavily in drugs...maybe he was part of that gang, as most of them support themselves dealing drugs...he didn't die in Assyria or fighting for anything more noble than drugs and money.....go Assyria!


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