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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, June 6 2011, 19:27:38 (UTC)
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This story is exactly what I was talking about. There are so many such cases and they had nothing to with rebuilding Assyria but was about drugs and money. There was another Assyrian family which had a chain of car washes in Chicago and one of their sons who was the manager got into some trouble with this gang. This girl had left her man for this manager and her ex got jealous. He showed up one day with a group of guys and weapons to the car wash calling him out. The manager had a licensed gun and came out where there was a shooting shortly after. The guy who ended up getting killed was the leader of the gang so they had sworn revenge. The entire family left their businesses, homes and moved away to an unknown location. Nobody knows where they are at to this day. These were Assyrians killing Assyrians and were of that kind of gang that speak in tongues are praising.

There was one other Assyrian I knew about who killed another one of his own and the next day his brother bought him a plane ticket to California and last I heard he was in another country. To make a long story short, they fled Iraq because of persecution supposedly and they are killing each other in the west now. This isn't new but they were doing this in Iraq too but the govt prevented them from doing it too much or else they would have wiped one another out. They can thank Muslims for that and their laws. Oh hey, you wanna know something else? My aunt was telling me when her husband used to beat the shit out of her, their Muslim neighbor used to see it from the window and yell at him: "abu Ashur, ayb". In English something like, don't do it, it's a shame. The reason I bring this up is because we are told Christians and angels but here it was Muslims reminding an Assyrian that it wasn't cool to beat a woman.

That's another time when Assyrians are men, and it's among women and wife beating. They are guilty with whatever they accuse Muslims of.


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