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Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Saturday, February 28 2009, 16:48:55 (CET)
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The Assyrianmulim wrote:

" How come this is not blown out of proportion and shown how 'horrible' Christianity and Christians are ? Actions of one individual do not represent how true Christians should act, but when things are done by those associated with Islam by name or place of origin they are on the news all over the world."


MUSLIMS remain ignorant and stupid , while you admitted that individuals DON'T represent any religion , but YOU FAILED to know and you are living for decades among CHRISTIANS that you choose to live , while you abandoned those smart MUSLIMS behind !
How many times , I will tell you that governments in the WEST /CHRISTIAN don't govern as Christian government and Christianity is not the official religion of the state *, their law is a civil law , WHILE you Muslim countries ISLAM is the official religion of the state and every thing wrong they must take its responsibility , so don't blame Christianity as you said for action of a moron Christian , while actions of your MORON MUSLIM who kill his daughter - as it happened in Saudi Arabia and it is happening as we speak in every single ISLAM country is not condemned by that government, it religious clerks , INSTEAD are praising him , NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND!


[i]* If Christianity was an official religion of the state, you were not able to speak as you speak, because as MUSLIMS do, your tong was going be shorter or even without a tong ... JUST THINK ABOUT IT ![i]


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