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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, June 23 2013, 22:41:17 (UTC)
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and when have they suffered anything similar in Iraq?

...not surprisingly assyrians have suffered the most whenever they have allied themselves with other Christians and especially Western Christians...the Sanctions against Iraq killed at least 30,000 Iraqi Christian children, under the age of five...who knows how many more older ones were murdered....and not a word about those victims during assyrian Martyrfest because they were killed by Christians, so they don't can't get "the wurld" ANGRY about Christians killing Christians, hell, that's normal for, you only mention this as a "tragedy" when a Muslim kills a Christian.

...neither Saddam nor Islam nor Muslims EVER did this to took the United States and its Christian allies, cheered on by our own assyrians, to murder and devastate the lives of so many innocent many Christian people.

...and we haven't learned ten years Germany, or some other Christian country might decide to attack Iraq again....guess who will be leading the cheering section?...from a safe distance, of course.



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