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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, March 25 2011, 5:25:33 (UTC)
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My mom's neighbors are Mormon also and they send their missionaries to our house to convert us. They was mostly talking to my mom and family and they wanted to speak with me also but I wouldn't give them a chance as I was watching TV and acting busy. Then I kept hearing them putting down other religions, preaching about being clean, modest, shaving etc. So I jumped into the convo and asked them how they knew their religion was correct, why they became Christian and have they studied other things in life? This is where one can trap any of those Christian missionaries or most religious people in general because they are only of their religion because they were born into it. They didn't actually study the religion in search of "truth" and suddenly felt that was the truth. They were born into it, brought up with it and chose to become missioanries. If they were Buddhists, Hindus or any other religion, they would be of speaking of that.

The only religion to this day where people actually convert to it on their own and actually study about it is Islam. Sure, most Muslims are also born into it, but it also has many converts and they almost all study about it. The other day I was on a chat talking to this Black dude who was a Muslim. I thought he was born into it but then he mentioned about Yezidis. I didn't know he was Muslim at first since he had a western name and I asked him how the hell he knows about Yezidism and he said that he studied other religions before he became a Muslim since he was searching and Christianity wasn't right for him. I don't respect people who are born into a religion much and I don't respect the converts to Christianity also because they did it for money and other benefits that came with the missionaries that converted them, but I do respect Muslim converts because they actually come from all kinds of backgrounds, heard all kinds of negativity and chose to study for themselves and research. They also went against their family, friends, society etc just to become Muslim yet they still did so.

I use to be the first in the mosque and last one out. I used to even pray my morning prayers there at the mosque instead of doing it at home. All that was still bad to my mom and she couldn't say I was at least doing something good. My cousin on the other hand, who is a devout Christian and a pro-Israel Zionist, is praised by her and every Assyrian because he prays, and is called a 'good kid' and a 'blessed' but to me he is a coward because he takes praise for something he didn't chose on his own. He was born into it and just chose to stick with it. To me that's not a great person but a coward and a mamas boy. Assyrian assholes run around and brag about how Ibrahim(Abraham) was supposedly one of them, but they don't even realize that he rejected the religion of his father and chose to pursue on his own. If they so like him, why don't they do the same? They are cowards and nothing good.


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