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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, June 9 2011, 15:52:28 (UTC)
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...this study is of some help if you are unsure about where your family originated...which mostly applies to white people since us Darkies KNOW where we came from...especially since it only goes back 500 years....

In the case of a typically white American with European roots who isn't sure if he's from Ireland or Poland, it MIGHT help....the reasons we Darkies are more sure of our parentage, ahem, is because we didn't go roving and stealing murdering all over the globe, as did the white Euro trash.....we Darkies remained close to home, unless we were dragged from Africa, but then no Afro-American needs be told where he originated fact we ALL came out of Africa with stops along the way, so what the fuck is the big deal?

If you were born in Hawaii and insisted that you were Assyrian and that the ancient Assyrians had conquered Hawaii and you wanted to know if your ancestors actually came from Assyria, or were conquered and converted and intermarried Islanders, then this study would be of help by determining whether or not you had any genetic material FROM Mesopotamia. Other than that, it is useless, especially for proving only Christians of Iraq can be related to the ancients...absolutely useless....but the THOUGHT that it might give some proof has made even educated Assyrians in the SCIENCES go gaga and lose all common sense or even the ability to read because their FAITH gets in the way...just as their faith in Jesus makes normally sane-sounding people's eyes glaze over as they begin to spout off things like, "the bread actually becomes flesh and the wine really turns into blood"...and " I am going to heaven and live on a cloud when I die"...the belief in a modern assyrian identity is FAITH-based...nothing more. And those who truly believe as as nutty as those who believe in Jesus and his blood.

In their desperation assyrians BELIEVE this DNA study will PROVE their faith...much as the Scholastics of the Middle Ages used and abused logic and reason and science in a vain attempt to PROVE that Christianity was true, scientifically, and not only a matter of faith, which allows you to believe in ANYTHING


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