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Re: the Armenian Genocide...again
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, November 23 2016, 21:18:58 (UTC)
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"..let's keep our heads while all around us lose theirs."

My head is fine. I'm just saying that Turkey is a geopolitical necessity for the EU and the U.S., and of course NATO. No Armenian lobby or lobbies have the same amount of influence as does the Turkish government or its lobbies. Does Turkey or Erdogan even get a slap on the wrist for their funding of Da'esh through Turkish intelligence (MIT)? Are they being sanctioned while they're butchering Qurds in Southeast Turkey? Have we pulled any of our ambassadors from Turkey while Erdogan arrests the leaders of the HDP? No. Then why should the West care about what a group of Armenians are claiming about events a hundred years past?


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