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Re: the Armenian Genocide...again
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 25 2016, 15:01:01 (UTC)
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...yes that...but in every other way as that definition every nation on earth has committed is absurd. The original, non-political, definition deals with state-sponsored efforts clearly set down along with institutions set up for said disposal and then the DOING of it.....Genghis Khan caused 40 million people to be killed yet that was never called a genocide....some Cossack mob attacking a village and wiping it off the face of the earth was never a genocide....

..and if we go by that silly definition then the Turks don't have to admit anything until the Americans admit their own several genocides, starting with Native Americans.

...US sanctions against Iraq were certainly state-sponsored..and they targeted the old and children, the first to suffer, and on top of that government officials at the times SAID this was their make the children suffer so that maybe their parents would do something about Saddam.


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