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Re: the Armenian Genocide...again
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, November 23 2016, 23:26:02 (UTC)
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...this cozy relationship is recent....not even when the Nuremberg Trials were all the news was there any talk about any Armenian genocide....why not? And why recently?

..why the fuss? Historians haven't changed their opinions and the facts haven't, what has changed...why now and for the last few decades?

..I'd say because after communism spent itself to the poor house the West began creating, and that's the word, a new threat to scare us with...that would be Islam and its "violence" and all the terrorist Muslim mothers who didn't appreciate being raped by US heroes and did the best they could to fight back.

..there has been a concerted effort to present Islam as a danger to the world and for that we have manufactured "terrorists" and given them every reason to hate our guts, if we had any. This new push by Armenians and the rest of them was seen as a "best chance" to get in on the action, to help fuel hate towards Muslims and score a big win for the Home Team....the facts haven't changed since the days when no one called it a genocide....but the climate has....the OPPORTUNITY has come along.

...The Christian West is still hounded by the facts of the could the religion of Jesus have preached and approved and DONE such things? Islam has to have at LEAST one genocide.

...c'mon, be FAIR.


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