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Re: the Armenian Genocide...again
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 25 2016, 4:05:07 (UTC)
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In all of this I would stick to the facts...the professor is rightly pissed that the Armenians want to compare their situation to that of the Jews....nothing like...the Jews didn't do anything, the Armenians mounted a full scale rebellion and aided the Russians in attacking what was after all their own country...this is treason, in time of war, and is punishable everywhere on earth by summary execution...also it is claimed that the Turks tried and convicted 2000 officials for partaking in massacres and they hanged one governor and, as noted many times, Christians in Istanbul and elsewhere, far from the north where they were helping the Russians, suffered nothing.

The UN definition of genocide is ridiculous and obviously manipulated to include the their definition the South and North committed genocide against each other in the American Civil War...and so diod anyone else who ever attacked anyone...


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