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Re: the Armenian Genocide...again
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, November 22 2016, 18:11:33 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:
>Unfortunately, many EU and US politicians who take Turkey's side on this issue do so not because of historical accuracy, but for political reasons since Turkey is and has been NATO's enforcer in the Middle East, and enjoys a lobby (in Washington and Brussels) much bigger, richer and organized than any of the Armenian lobbies.

...that is true, except for the poverty of the Armenian effort...fer chrissakes, they had an Armenian governor of California...something the Turks will never have...but what is also true is that the accusation against Turkey is completely out of character for the Ottomans...the reason, aside from the bare facts, that we can make this charge of legitimate genocide against Christians is because it has been part of their history for over 1000 years.

...Nothing new in Germans and other Christians rounding up Jews, and Muslims, and killing, women and children. But I defy you or anyone else to show anything approaching a "genocide" or even pogrom against Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire or among Muslims anywhere. Indeed Christian historians, even, record many instances of Christians running TO the Ottomans for safety from Christian heretic-hunters.

...just that, just what I wrote in the above paragraph, absent any other evidence or opinion, demonstrates that, even if, the Turks did such a thing(which they didn't), it was only because of some "special circumstance"...something so out of the ordinary that they broke with their entire history of Muslim/Christian relations....whereas, again, where Christians are concerned, they were merely continuing to act as they had for centuries...just that fact should give us pause, especially in believing Christian apologists. be "scientific" about it, we should then ask just what was happening during those four years of war and a bit is a critical question, IF you want to understand and not just hyperventilate....what did the war mean and do to the Ottomans and, more specifically, what were the Armenians doing?

...Imagine if the Japanese Americans, even before Pearl Harbor had begun assassinating American diplomats...what if they attacked Americans on the streets...what if they stormed the Fed in Washington and threatened to blow the building up, holding employees hostage(as the Armenians did with the central bank in Turkey)..and what if American Japanese joined with invading Japanese troops to murder Americans, on American soil?

..(as it was, absent all of this, the Japanese Americans STILL wound up in camps and were robbed of all their possessions) don't think there would have been a little anger towards Japanese Americans if they had actively aided the invaders of America?

..The West is famous for excusing all its own crimes while focusing on those of its victims, who are castigated for fighting back at all, or even defending themselves...even to the point of presuming to tell THEM how they should respond and what is "unacceptable".....we can see it play out in the MidEast right before our eyes..the same as is being done where the Turks and Armenians are time, the West will present itself as the SAVIOR of Iraq, Syria and even Libya....and they will find professors and other apologists who will focus on suicide bombers and beheadings and jihad and sharia law etc., while completely leaving out their own the Armenians do now with their own record of murders and crimes against innocent Muslims and acts of rebellion and treason against the Ottomans which, I hardly need remind you, when committed in time of war become are punishable by immediate death, no trial no nothing, and in every country on earth.

..let's keep our heads while all around us lose theirs.


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