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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 5 2017, 14:35:20 (UTC)
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The South was desperate for foreign recognition...after all it was the recognition and help given to the Colonists which enabled them to beat the make their point the Southerners, who'd been supplying the cotton for England and France, cut back on production and even burned millions of pounds of cotton waiting to be shipped, all in the hopes they could force aid from Europe....and this was the reason Lincoln emancipated the slaves..and then only in those States which had joined the Confederacy...that dashed the South's hopes because no nation wanted to be seen backing slavery.

When the North finally allowed free Blacks to serve in the army, the Southerners made a point of murdering all Black soldiers...Grant then refused to swap prisoners with the South until they treated Blacks and whites equally...the South refused and inadequate prisons on both sides swelled to bursting.....the worst prison was also the fifth largest "city" in the South...Andersonville prison in Georgia...meant to hold 10,000 it quickly had 40,000..

...the commander of the prison was of German origin. He wouldn't allow prisoners to build any shelters so they froze and burned in the open...they dug shallow trenches and covered them with a blanket for both cover and stream flowing through the camp supplied drinking water and had maggots on their wounds, no doctors, shit flowing through the camp...13,ooo died in one the end of the war the German commandant was hanged, right in the prison......

...that war was a precursor of much to come.


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