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Re: the Jizya Fandango or....the dance around the truth
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, March 16 2011, 6:58:55 (UTC)
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If we were to get a penny for the times we have wrote about jizya, we both bi rich now. I already see a problem when they say "extra tax" as if they were already paying a bunch and now must pay "extra" for being Christian. This is false from the start. Muslims pay zakat, and that goes for both genders. Christians and other non-Muslims were required to pay the jizya which is a yearly tax and they are entitled to services in return. Jizya gave them exemptions and many rights. Jizya was only taken from the working men of military ages and all others were exempt. During the jizya years, the churches also charged their own people taxes and much higher than what the Muslim state was taking. I think the church was pissed about the few coins Muslims were charging so they started this propaganda to make Islam seem inhumane.

There is every reason for a capitalist, scam artist and every wealthy person to be anti-Islamic because it is the richest who has to pay more in Zakat to the less fortunate. Unlike in our system where the poorer get even worse while working the hardest and the rich get fatter, sharia is the opposite. The more you have, the more you must give to the poor. You can still be a billionaire but you will pay the 2.5% yearly Zakat or there is trouble. During the Islamic days, people were jailed for not paying Zakat and I don't blame them. Imagine the Saudi royal family(Western installed) being jailed for not paying Zakat; that would be great. This is why they oppose Islam for the most part. It's not about education, capital punishment, etc. They don't care about that or else they wouldn't be killing millions of Muslims. If there was an ideal or decent islamic valued leader, there definitely wouldn't be any starving people, homeless or women sleeping under bridges with a shopping card full of empty soda cans. Islam is suppose to stop these things and for the time period it was invented, this was the best thing and I don't see us doing much better today, 1,400 years later.

Jizya wasn't a bad thing at all and Protestants and other Christians would have loved to pay a tax just so the Catholics would spare them. If it was truly so bad, why would so many Christians and Jews leave their lands to live under Caliphs? I am sure all the Iraqi Christian mothers would have loved to pay a tax so their sons didn't have to die in the Iran war.


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