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Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Sunday, March 1 2009, 0:22:34 (CET)
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The so-called Assyrianmuslim wrote:

" They are Christians, assholes and hate Muslims so any opportunity they get to betray their native countries they will do so."


Don't get frustrated , I know you are so furious , because I did a big DENT in your Islam , that you can't do but to get crazy!
You always try to say , bring us proof , when we do that you get upset and lose your balance , be careful not to harm yourself!
And speaking about BETRAYAL , you are the best example in that case , you betrayed not your religion which is not that important to me , but you degraded and betrayed our Assyrianism that you try to shed some crocodile tears on it !


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