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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Friday, March 18 2011, 3:57:15 (UTC)
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Although I've never heard of Taruf before reading this forum today, this reminds me of a relatively common experience I've witnessed throughout my life with older relatives.

Here's the scene:

Older relative is sitting at the kitchen table, and one of the younger members of the family offers them something (be it coffee (qahwa), chai, a snack, some food, whatever).

"Khaltu Layla, kibat chai?" (Aunt Layla, would you like some tea?)

"Leh, leh, leh" (No, no thank you)

"Are you sure? I just made it?"

"Leh, leh, skoohran babi" (No, no thank you)

"Please, I insist..."

"Leh, leh, leh, leh, leh, .... OK"

In other words, if somebody offers something to you, even if you want it, we are trained to politely decline at least 2-3 times before being prodded, and then finally accepting! No thank you, no thank you, no thank you, No, no, no, no, ... OK!

What a strange culture we have.

- Jeffrey

pancho wrote:
>Marcello wrote:
>>Where did Taruf come from?
>...I think from inherently dishonest people. How can saying what you DON'T mean, as if you REALLY meant it, register as a positive value with anyone who respects honesty?


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