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Re: the dictionasy of Akkadian, NOT "assyrian".
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, June 8 2011, 7:49:54 (UTC)
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I see all these western names talking about this but not one of these asshole nationalists. It's not like they are hard to point out with their fucked up Jew names and western names like "John Sulaqa" and "william shlimon" and Quryaqus bet teeza" or the many other silly ones they use. Where are they all and where is Aprim? Where are all the nationalists who claim that teh language they speak today is the same as Akkadian and they only switched alphabets. All the heroes, gangstas and warriors of the Assyrian nation, where you all at?

Must be busy working for Assyria and fighting Muslims, Arabs and Kurds and Turks and whoever else is on their list.


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