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Re: the issue is not how horrible Islam is....
Posted by QuiCreva (Guest) - Thursday, February 18 2016, 18:15:28 (UTC)
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Wrong wrong and wrong again, my friend. You say that "Christian" nations started this wave of violence. Such typical Muslim ignorance you display. There are NO Christian nations and never were. Islam combines mosque with state, but in Christianity, Caesar is always distinct from Christ. There are many countries today were the majority of inhabitants claim to be Christians, but that does not make those states Christian.

Also, I detect typical Muslim taqiyyah at work here. Muslims started the violence against non-Muslims beginning with Muhammad's unjustified attacks on caravans, Meccans, poets, and Arabian Jews back in the 7th century. His followers have continued the bloodshed ever since. It was Muslims who invaded North Africa, the Levant, Portugal, Spain, Sicily, Malta, Persia, India, Central Asia, etc., causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of non-Muslims down through the centuries. And today they continue this criminal practice - then call themselves victims whenever someone defends himself from their attacks or criticizes the brutal, intolerant Islamic doctrine that encourages this violence.

There is a reason that the world is getting fed up with Islam. It is a cancer that spreads itself at the expense of the healthy societies it invades.


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