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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, October 9 2011, 4:02:58 (UTC)
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We always hear that mistakes were made and or available info was indicating whatever but it's all bullshit. I don't think it matters what excuse is used because most Americans don't even care but they have to say something so they call it "mistakes' and that's all. It's just like all the dictators US has brought to power and supported and somehow they always happen to "turn" or become "bad" guys later but the wise US keeps allowing these ants to fool them. Are we to believe the US is so stupid to keep repeating the same mistake. They brought Saddam, Khomeini and so many others and all of them turn out to be bad and the US didn't expect that or "mistakes" were made. Even if it were mistakes, how many of those have to be repeated? They're not mistakes and dictators are important and needed for this business and to make sure those countries never prosper. that White nigger Obama says he can't leave Iraq til they have build a stable democracy but Iraq already had free elections and much more in the 1950. Saddam was invented and implanted to stop all that and he did for 30 years, but even though he was their puppet, he still did good things for his people which he wasn't suppose to.

These people have proven over and over that they are sick and will kill for money. They will kill over a cup of oil and it was only a matter of time before Libya would be next because I had heard for so long that Muammar was a huge threat and I was surprised it took so long. I mean here is a guy wanting to unify the Black continent, make it prosperous and independent. Of course he will be killed or removed. It is because of the West that Africa is not prosperous and not because of Black people. Every time anyone has tried to take care of his people, he was bombed and removed.


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