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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, November 19 2008, 1:08:37 (CET)
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In other words, she kicked the guy out of the forum for bringing up a valid topic. To them this is a waste of time and anything contrary to what they want to believe is "working against them". I love it when they tell him to go and research history as if they have done so. She couldn't even provide just one of her "tons" of evidences and you seen the other moron who told him to watch Assyriasat. What a jokers. No wonder they do not come on here and post. I still wonder how it can be that the ancients were known for bravery and warfare, yet their descendants are this silly or maybe they are not even their true descendants as they like to believe. They think that being born in Assyria proves they are their descendants but they forget that peple migrate all the time throughout history. Their claimks of being true descendants of Assyrians of antiuquity is weaker than the modern Chaldeans and the Arameans.


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