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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, October 9 2015, 15:30:02 (UTC)
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I'm not in the habit of watching TV sitcoms, but there was one sitcom from the 1980s that was a mirror to how most American working class live. I'm not referring to the 1970s, "All in the Family", but the following decade's, "Married With Children". The other programs which I definitely don't and cannot watch are shows like the Jerry Springer show. I had a friend with whom I lived for a year or so, and that's all that he watched. He'd always attempt to get me interested by telling me if I want to see and know who Americans really are, who the majority of this country truly is, who end up voting against their own interests, I should watch "Jerry!...Jerry!" He had a point. But I still couldn't get myself to watch a minute of that program, or all the others mimicking it. Perhaps, I was afraid that he was right. That the majority of 'mericans are to be seen and heard daily on these shows, and of course the backstabbing, humiliating, "I got mine, fuck you!" reality tv shows, like Survivor.


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