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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, December 19 2011, 2:03:22 (UTC)
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Within the Marxist dimension, the factory owners need the working class, or else all production comes to a halt, causing a great loss of profits.

With a future automated working class, the sphere of labor (or those who rent their labor power), decreases, almost completely making the workers a futile burden for the rich; that is, if the rich can funnel enough into newer technologies which subtract the human element from production.

If that goal is reached, and it is a goal planned long ago by the capitalists, the only two choices left to the masses is subsistence slavery or an outright revolution - and whether the revolution is principled on non-violence - the reaction will not be: the response will be an all and out "shock and awe", as in Naomi Klein's SHOCK DOCTRINE theory... as in Iraq and Libya -- two one-man dictatorships, as opposed to the Imperial Corporate Dictatorship of the United States.


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