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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, December 18 2011, 22:10:44 (UTC)
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Website title: an odd way I think it's the fact these guys ARE millionaires, or backed by billionaires which is part of the attraction. I mean at what other time of the year and for what other reason would a millionaire ever give the average voter the time of day? We like to think they need US...they have to speak before US...they have to explain themselves to US...we even get to force them to air their dirty laundry before US, because we are convinced that we have a right to know who fucked who, before we'll vote for him, or her.

...the old Roman way was the same...those seeking office had to expose themselves in the marketplace to the rude gaze of the populace and say why they thought they deserved the votes of the butcher, which at no other time did they give two shits for....this groveling for votes, for approval, every few years, makes us feel special...makes us feel these mighty and powerful people who have to come out from their private gates NEED us, need OUR approval. When does that ever happen except at election time?

I'm sure the wealthy despise this ritual and would as soon do away with it and, for all practical purposes they might as well. The Repubs are already trying to block the vote in several states where the poor and student, minorities and elderly vote Democratic.


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