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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, April 16 2016, 15:26:11 (UTC)
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Website title:'s sort of understandable that a a few thousand years ago when people understood very little of the world they inhabited that they would want to create explanations, because we prefer to know than not to know, even if we have to invent myths and preposterous "explanations" for the natural phenomena that surrounds us.

..But today? In the 21st century? look at the kinds of religious folk who debated Hitchens or Dawkins and Harris, in the 21st century and think to yourself..."In this age of science and actual evidence these people STILL believe Stone Age myths"?

...I can understand how a frightened human 4000 years ago turned to superstition to "explain" what he or she had no other way of understanding.....but today? What's the excuse today for believing in these fairy tales?

...once upon a time humans had to wipe their asses with their hands, or leaves or just go without....but today? What do we think of someone, today, who still insists on using a leaf...or his hand...or just not bothering, when toilet paper is readily available?


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