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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, January 3 2017, 4:09:45 (UTC)
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As much as I'm concerned about Trump, I'm much more worried about the alt-right neo-Nazis. Through the Southern Poverty Law Center's page and other sites I have for several years been reading about the rise of the ultra-Right, not only here in the states, but in Europe and Russia, too. About five or six years ago (if you recall) I wrote on this forum about Tom Metzger, the leader of White Aryan Resistance (WAR), and how his strategy was to persuade skinheads to grow their hair and go to school, and for neo-Nazis to cover their Swastika tattoos and join the military. He called this strategy "fighting behind enemy lines". For instance, he wanted his young cadres to not only go to university, but to keep notes on Jewish and leftist professors. And now we have the "Dangerous Professors' Watch List", on which are people like Marxist economist, Prof. Richard Wolfe, who also happens to be Jewish. Metzger warned that his Aryan youth are armed and ready anticipating an economic collapse or a natural disaster like Katrina or worse to come out of the wood works and start the "race war". And if you think only Muslims travel from one part of the world to the other to fight alongside their allies... well, when a race war or a civil war breaks out here be sure that neo-Nazis from Europe and Russia will be on their way to help their American white brethren. They talk about this shit on their sites. Theses fucks are our Taliban... and they have a president in the White House.


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