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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, August 11 2014, 22:51:44 (UTC)
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Yesterday I was out having breakfast out with darling goil and we too were having a heated exchange about what the US government has come to mean...."love your country", I said, "but never trust its government". It wasn't really an argument but to be fair I've got several years on her and I should pick on someone my own size, though she got her licks in as well.

As we stood to go, a little old lady at the next table, all alone, small and delicate with her white curls arranged neatly, leaned over and said, ever so sweetly, "I agree with you completely", meaning me...."and I also agree with your daughter"....I suspect that there are many many Americans who feel as this seemingly conservative old lady feels.....she said she never listens to American media....there are a lot of us out there, being lied to and preached to but not convinced in the least.

These bastards hide the facts and then tell us, "wait till all the facts are in"...well. they ARE in, they came in a long time ago...a few thousand years ago.


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