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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, June 11 2011, 2:32:11 (UTC)
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I'm not for hire....I mean I don't make portraits of people just because they pay...and yes, imagine my acute embarrassment when I discovered that the fairy tales taught to me by my parents and to them by their parents were just that...I mean I have my NAME on an assyrian monument where also appears this fairy-tale nonsense about us being assyrians and so on...but no doubt you've never read a real book on the subject....last year I wrote Dr Ross an apology for having wasted his time, and mine....there are still many things wrong with Ross and his ideas, but he was right about our nationalist nonsense...there are no modern day assyrians...but he was dead wrong in his assessment of the ancient Assyrians..they were NOT the savages he claims they were and if they did anything to the Jews it was only to improve educate them and give them a little culture and laws....


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