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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, May 8 2015, 3:33:52 (UTC)
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I don't disagree: The power structure in the U.S. is the Episcopal Mafia Church for ; therefore, no one knows about it, and hence, the facade of power are the "JEWS". BUT, what I'm referring to is how the ZIO-MAFIA was used to break-up the Middle East to usurp the oil and other precious minerals: gas and other money-making goods for the Money-making for the transnational corporation as a vanguard, equipped with the most deadly weaponry -- the GOLDEN DOME -- which Finkelstein called "Swiss Cheese", and the F-35, which costs U.S. tax payers billions of dollars, which doesn't even work, since the Russian and Chinese fighter planes can down easily. So, yes, they are the businessmen/bogeymen who are to blame for the whitey to blame the "Heebs" for our downfall .... but they have an escape plan: Israel.

--- BUT What about the rest o us non-Heebs? Where should we go? Iraq? Iran? Syria? LEBANON? TUrkey? (Fuck, no!)


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