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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, June 18 2011, 9:59:20 (UTC)
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Rashad, if you watched the Amy Goodman interview with filmmaker, John Sayles, one of the films which they talk about, "Matewan", displays how workers from all different races are bound together by two things: The exploitation of the workers by the bosses, and the union. It's based on a the "Matewan Massacre" and I recommend you watch it if you can find it. I saw it years ago and am glad that it's still being talked about. I've noticed that some Whites (exclusively southerners) still live in a Civil War state of mind. Their attack on "big government" is simply an attack on the rest of us. I had a neighbor who worked at Home Depot and he it burned his Kentucky-cracker-ass that his supervisor was Black. Some of these folks haven't gotten over their hatred, so they express it through their Tea Party platform, which is bankrolled by the Koch brothers, who dont't give a shit about them and are using them to push their own agenda.


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