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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, June 18 2011, 8:09:57 (UTC)
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That's so true, Marcello, and White people are the problem in this. The mojirity of White people are niggas too just like the rest of us. We are all in the same boat and on same level economically no matter how they look at it. However, even though they're poor, they somehow feel superior and will take the side of the rich cracker instead of siding with the lower class who may not always be of their color. It's only White people who still purchase things even when they're broke because they are arrogant and patriotic. Only White people still buy cars from dealerships when they know they can't afford them and will lose them soon, but it's that arrogance and their way to make teh rich cracker richer.

They take their anger and frustration out on Blacks, immigrants, gays, Muslims and anyone but at the ones who have put us in this position. Blacks didn't ask to come here nor did many of us. We had our own lands, lives etc if only these imperialists had left us alone. White people need to get their heads out of their asses and realize we are all in the same toilet and only we can change this together. There is a White guy I work with and I been having conversations with him about these kind of topics. Today he told me that he lived in a White ghetto where he was robbed and now he lives in a middle class mostly Black area and nobody bother him. He told me this because he said he thought about what I told him and he realized that people behave a certain way or do bad things because of their economic status. He was of the opinion before that people are just born evil and it's a human nature to be a thug, steal, cheat and want more.

We making progress so far and I got 7 people on my list lol. I will start a revolution and it will start at work. There is an older fuck I work with and I respect him because of his age but he pissed me off the other day. He said he refuses to buy anything that's made in China and I thought it was maybe because of the quality but he told me it's because of how the workers are treated and only paid few dollars the whole day. This is the same person who still has to work so he can get retirement soon and he looks like he been brought back from death. He complaints about how his health insurance company is fucking with him and his wife so I refuted his argument about China. Chinese get paid what might not sound good in America but that's decent there. They have free health care, education, daycare, etc. Cheap cost of living so what's he complaining about. He shut the fuck up real quick.

These dumb fucks think they got it made with their 9 dollars per hour but don't realize that 3 dollars an hour in Pakistan is better than 20 dollars an hour in America. Another one was making fun of people who work for Nike in Indonesia for 6 cents an hour and I said that's horrible but that same company that pays them people so poorly will sell the pair of shoes to these dumb Americans for a 150 dollars. A pair of shoes that cost less than a dollar to make will be sold for so much more. They should laugh at themselves for getting fucked in the ass but they like to that as long it's their own race of people doing it.


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