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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, December 1 2006, 18:16:02 (CET)
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Pancho wrote:
>...the world still has to be made safe for Aprim and the rest of the heroes of Assria...

****If Fred is smart, he'll stay away from these clowns, especially if he wants to be taken seriously as a writer, and improve his writing abilities.
>What this forum needs is quality and not quantity.

****We saw the quality.......

I apologise to all those that refrained from participating here because of one or two individuals. I allowed these individuals to flood this forum with nonsensical posts, I personally didn't have a problem with that and to be perfectly honest I only read a handful of their messages, simply because they were predictable. But it got out of hand, and I needed to act to regain control for your sake.

***Albert is lying for Zowaa, for Jesus, and for Kanna, because word has it that Zowaa/Kanna are finished and their funds are drying up since a few Assyrians are waking up to thier nonsense. Word also has it that Albert is staying away from Mar Bawai and that fund is also drying out so he opened Mess O Potao to round up the "troops" and create BalyZowaa, like the good old days, to keep his paycheck coming from his Rabi. Apparently the brothers lost a LOT of money recently and they are trying to stay in business of manufacturing martyrs.
>I hope that we can now turn a new page and move on.

***How can you turn a new page if you can't even change yourself?

I owe so much to the former "Assyrian Forum" on AINA's site, because I learned a great deal there from well informed, educated people such as the great Raabi Fred Aprim, Peter Bet Basso, Fil, Bur Hawil, Ivan Kakovitch, Emanuel Kelaita, and many, many others.

****Liar! Peter Abu Jassim is a DEAD-HEAD, Bur Hawil a paid informer, Emanuel Kelaita Kanna's thug, and THEY all conspired against Kakovitch and banned him permanently from aina! You can lie to yourself, but you can't fool others, Albert!

*** It truly was quality, and that is what I'd like to emulate here.

It was such quality that they banned themselves permanently!

I have however noticed our new generation coming through, the likes that post on the "Assyrian Voice Network" such as Joseph Danavi and our new moderators, Peter Esho & Carol Georges and many more educated and committed nationalists that this forum is extremely grateful to have.

***All paid soldiers for Kanna and the Zowaa machine, and NOT one of them has an education in knowledge. What he means is that they are educated in Jesus.
>I hope that we can now focus on news and current affairs that affect our nation. As a starter, please click on the following link (Beth Suryoyo Assyrian Forum) and then on the post by Raabi Fred Aprim titled "Kurdish Officials Sanction Abductions in Kirkuk". This article appeared in the Washington Post.

***Like I said, if Fred is serious about being a writer and selling his books, he will stay away from these vultures.
>Raabi Fred Aprim this forum needs you!

***The choice is yours Fred, but I would think twice about going back to the "Zowaa Matrix".


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