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Posted by aheist (Guest) - Saturday, July 31 2010, 2:18:15 (UTC)
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Other things have to be worked out and they can be...easily. All you have to keep reminding yourself is that governments must borrow money from private bankers...this is fundamentally wrong and itīs un conctitutional too...and for a way were the Founding Fathers going to have the Bank of England set up shop in new fact Pennsylvania DID print its own money...and as Franklin delighted telling the English, there was no unemployment, no homeless and no want....but Hamilton wanted a national bank....Jefferson didnīt and Jackson didnīt...and all for good is ridiculous to force governments to borrow money and then have to pay iot back plus interest to private citizens...stupid and dumb and everything else...these fiscal rules come attached to this prticular stupidity, they are hardly universal and for-all-time.

Itīs been a grand scam...but it will come to an end....people are so turned off by economics and itīs taught much like philosophy was in the days when you could get burnt at the stake for being too clear and easy to understand...economics is deliberately made dense and obtuse..when itīs really very simple...and it begins unravelling as soon as you question where money comes from....there some nine or ninety trillion dollars out there...and there has to be more created all the the money-crazies can have more paper to play Monopoly with...there isnīt gold enougn or anythign enough to back any of it and it isnīt fact thatīs the problem too, this belief that you have to have something precijous backing money....labor, goods and servicesa, thatīs all you need to back money with.


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