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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Saturday, July 31 2010, 0:51:48 (UTC)
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atheist wrote:
>...was not just the result of printing was a direct result of war fact Hitler created all that industrial and military wealth by printing his own money....FDR did the same only he made the mistake of borrowing from private banks...he should have simply printed the money himself, like Lincoln did, and saved us further debt.

## Yes but what about other nations such as China and Greece who are allowed to sell into the US provied they sell in US dollars? What about foreign investment and the floating currencies in this day and age? Can Greece print its own money? Or is the US the only nation able to print its own money because of tis control of the world's black gold reserves and petrodollar hegemony? Are you saying that fiscal rules don't apply if a nation takes control of its own coinage rather than privatise it?


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