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Re: what is Israel.....reallly?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 8 2011, 23:25:52 (UTC)
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Abdullah Shaefer, who is a Jewish writer who later became a Muslims, and his parents were holocaust survivors. He explained how the Jewish people were even manipulated by both Europeans and Zionists to migrate to Israel. They had no intention and many of them were so unaware of that area, they had no clue who was even living there. These were Germans, and Austrians etc who had no reason to leave their countries for some small "holy" land. It was interesting how he said his mother was looking out the car window as they were driving through the land and she asked him what it was she was looking at, and he told these used to be houses which were torn down and new ones will be build for the new arrivals. Back then there was no TV as we have it today or dish network and all the other stuff so it was easy to fool people.

So yeah, Israel is really just the United States in the Middle East and both sides have to suffer because of what Christians created. Today we are told that Palestinians are greedy and won't give the land to Jews but they have no clue as to what is really going on or they just don't care. Even our boys are die hard supporters of Israel but that's only because they hate Muslims more, and since they are being killed by Jews, it makes them happier. The only reason other Christians and White people in general root for Jews in this dilemma is because they are racist and and bigoted.


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