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Re: what is it with gun nuts and children?
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, February 2 2013, 21:37:02 (UTC)
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I think in cases in which children are targeted, it is usually a warped man's way of getting to the child's mother. Like pimps who have children with some of their prostitutes only to use that child to keep the woman hustling her ass down at the corner. I also think that certain men in this country may feel impotent and insecure the more the progressives among us fight for the equal treatment of and equal rights for all living beings, especially women, who within the framework of patriarchal societies have been at the disadvantaged position of a mere slave. Women in the US still make less money than men and occupy less positions of CEO than men, and they and their children are still the targets of male abuse, spouse or otherwise. I agree with Ishmael Reed's criticism of liberals like Eve Ensler ("Vagina Monologues") in pointing out mistreatment of and violence against women in places like New Orleans or the Congo, and yet failing to equally expose how white, co-called civilized western men are just as much abusive to women than an African man or an Arab in the under-developed world.


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