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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, December 28 2010, 16:34:48 (UTC)
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John Perkins, the "Economic Hitman", a former insider, manipulator, soldier and messenger of the Empire, clearly points out the model used by the U.S., begining with the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran (1953); Arbenz in Guatemala (1954); Lumumba in the Congo (1960?); and on and on all the way to Saddam in Iraq. According to Perkins, the U.S. didn't take out Saddam in "Desert Storm" because they (U.S) liked a "strongman" who could keep his people in line. The only reason, Perkins expalains, that Saddam is gone is because Bechtel wanted to build a gas and pipline through Iraq and Hussein refused their deal. Perkins elaborates the steps in this process is imposed by what he calls the "corporatocracy": Step 1) Send in the Economic Hitman with a deal that goes like this: "we can make you and your family wealthy with this OR we can kill you. If the deal is farls, then Step 2) Send in the "Jackals" to assanssinate him. It that fails, then Step 3) Send in the military.


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