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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, December 28 2010, 17:17:21 (UTC)
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Peterīs explanation about how Brit kids from the war era grew up believing in good wars and how you had to act pre-emptively, as they wish they had done with Hitler, drives many like Christopher to justify the war against Iraq purely from what they think are the "lessons of history" an intruiging makes sense and I find no other explanation for why such a brilliantly analytical mind can so badly fall apart when it comes to this war.

Christopher seems to have over-learned his lesson that ANY TIME you are faced with a "really bad guy" you can ALWAYS make things better by going to war against him quickly, hanging him, killing his children plus thousands and hundreds of thousands of the children because things could be WORSE if you "appease".

"Goodness Through War" seems to be his creedo. Britain suffered terribly, was forced to give up India and its empire, became impoversihed and lost face,a ll as a result of not fighting Hitler now he wants to spare the United States a similar fate by backing any and every war where there is a "bad guy", although all these bad guys are perfectly fine if they saty OUR bad guy and donīt go "rogue".

Well, at least now I have a sort of handle on what may be driving Christopherīs attitude towards his mind it is the next Nazi Party. Which is odd because the Nazis were CHRISTIANS...something he takes great pains to point out every chance he gets.

Letīs take the Hitchens boys as twins...smoosh them together and create one sane individual.


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