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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, December 1 2011, 19:12:30 (UTC)
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I was always told the Amish are so harmless and couldn't hurt a fly. I've heard the same about Christians even though I have found them the most violent. All religions have a history of violence and oppression of the poorer people. Think about Buddhism and how it is always displayed as peaceful but one would have to ignore the religious scripture to believe that, and not only that but the monks of Tibet and other places were ruthless and tyrannical to their populations. Hinduism also has a history of cutting out eyes, ears, etc. People say that it's not the fault of religions but people who use religions as a cover, but I say that religions are useful tools for committing crimes, corruption, etc. No matter what someone says about religion, one thing is for sure and religions aren't supported with evidence.


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