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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, March 30 2016, 2:56:01 (UTC)
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It's also silly how conservatives always say point to the Soviet Union and say socialism doesn't work, but then ask them how many times capitalism is in crisis. Almost every few years there is a recession and then they run to the government for bailout even though they hate socialism and say it doesn't work. Then you got the Ron Paul type who says it's the corporations that are destroying capitalism and it's not real capitalism but what the fuck does that mean. Capitalism is about competition and eventually the rest will fail and the wealthiest will just absorb their competitors and you end up with very few companies and handful of companies own almost everything. It will happen each time and he says that we need less regulation? And freedom to compete? Who can compete and how is it even competition when the platform is not equal for everyone to compete?


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