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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, October 12 2014, 0:57:49 (UTC)
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The difference between your assessment and Maher's is what Parenti calls a radical analysis vs a liberal analysis, in that Maher looks at the surface and you (and Parenti and others) dig beneath to get at the root of the issue. Fifty years ago Arabs where fighting against Western interests and encroachment on their lands as secular-Marxists, and not Jihadis. The reason being that since the end of WW2 U.S. planners had set their eyes on what they called the Grand Area, which is what Zbig Brzezinski stressed on in his book, The Grand Chessboard. The idea being that with peak oil approaching the U.S. must control the resource-rich Middle-East and Eurasia. The whole thing is being played out now in the Ukraine, Syria, and IRaq. ARe ethnic Russians of Eastern Ukraine also Muslims for fighting back against what they see as a U.S. orchestrated coup, with NATO expanding up Russia's skirt? This is not just about Muslims, it also involves Russia, China, Iran, Latin America. Maher doesn't see the entire chessboard.


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