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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, June 6 2011, 19:15:32 (UTC)
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Is there anyway this motherfucker can be brought on here? I like to rip his ass apart. Every historian has this wrong but this fuck who is a nobody has it right? They should have contacted him before writing any books and all scholars should have been avoided in this process. I bet this ass is either on welfare, a gas station clerk, janitor, taxi cap driver, gay porn star, or anything but a historian or a linguist. Akkadian and Aramaic were two different languages. If ancient Assyrians only adopted alphabet, why the fuck can't these modern asses understand Akkadian language? It wasn't an alphabet only but a whole different language. Akkadian and Aramaic are familar but so is Arabic, and Hebrew. There is more in common between Akkadian and classical Arabic then there is between Arammaic and Akkadian.

The reason it's called Aramaic and not Assyrian is just like how it's called English and not American or Spanish and not Puerto Rican. These are the types of fanatics I used to deal with every day before I was banned from their forums. An angry Christian who wants to Assyrianize everything and rewrite history. This type of shit can only work on their forums.


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