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Re: who now believes the United States Wanted democracy anywhere?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, March 14 2011, 4:36:03 (UTC)
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The Libyans want democracy which is of no interest to the US. It was obviously just an excuse for Iraq. I think one of the key reasons for the Iraq invasion was also because this was perhaps the strongest country in the region, and now it has been weakened and destroyed. Iraqi people are very strong, smart and proud of their country. I know money was the ultimate goal but I also believe Christians hate Iraq because it is ancient Babylon, Assyria and Mesopotamia. Christians view the ancients as evil and do not distinguish between the ancient Iraqis and today's. When Saddam launched those "Abbas" missiles at Israel, which don't even really destroy a toilet, Christians got a hard on and said he was carrying on what his ancestors did to Jews. It is Christians who are running this war and pushed for sanctions even though they want the world to believe that Jews been pulling the strings. Sure, I can imagine Zionists were happy about it but it was Christians who did it without any pressure from Jews. If it were not for Christians, most Iraqi Jews would still be living at home.


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