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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, November 28 2011, 20:03:16 (UTC)
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like the priest, who brings the disease in the first place and then shows up at your door with "salvation"....or the doctor who first infects you and then comes around with a cure...warmongering politicians and profiteers must first supply the "infection"...they must first fill us full of fears and doubts and distrusts, especially as against our neighbors who might seem "different", and then whatever is the designated "enemy"...and then come back at us with their cures..which all have to do with buying weapons from them AND, never questioning them....these guys, all of those who sell cures, must first infect us with the disease...and religion and war are the best damn diseases going...they aren't natural diseases but man-made all the way...and the cure for them is tons of cash and tons more, hopefully till the crack of time.

All unnecessary, all man-made and all of it easy to see through, unless you're infected at an early age and , like most human beans, are so traumatized by your "education" that you never want to open a book again, let alone risk thinking.


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