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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, June 22 2011, 8:11:17 (UTC)
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I'm surprised they didn't give you a ticket as much as American cops love that shit. They will create laws out of their own arse just to get you. I remember I got a ticket in a small town for not having insurance on a vehicle I hadn't driven in 6 months. The car was broken, I had parked toward the back of my place, and that means the motehrfucker must have went out of his way to find it. I even had shit sitting in front of it and the bastard moved it and read my plate. I woke up the next day and seen a ticket.

Last night I am laying on the couch texting while the TV is on and an advertisement for college comes on in which it said crime is not going down and why not pursue a career in criminal justice. Crimes make money and it always goes back to capitalism. Of course the commercial played it off by saying why not get a career fighting against it when in reality it's all about money. If there is no crime, the degree in that field would be useless so they need things to be bad. America is just a business and nothing else.


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