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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, June 22 2011, 0:43:24 (UTC)
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odd you should mention the whine country town I lived in I got a ticket, or almost did, for leaving my keys in the it turned out it was alucky thing because a woman clipped my bumper and the cars were locked together while she had an important meeting to attend...some minutes into it she realized the keys were in the ignition so she moved my car and untangled us...I got back to find my car moved and my bumper a pretzel...the woman left a note, how could she not as a cop was standing there...well, the cop took my keys back to the police department and when I went for them he threatened to give me a ticket for tempting would-be car thieves...I laughed in his face and he let it go...but why is it assumed that the rest of us must "help" someone with poor control?


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