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Recovering from Reagan...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, June 22 2011, 16:51:10 (UTC)
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More than Nixon he began the drumbeat of "government is the problem" we were in a dictatorship or something and weren't the ones choosing our fools.

The whole purpose was to MAKE government fail...that was the only way they could justify privatizing things.....they claimed business was more efficient because business had to worry about PROFIT, and hence would do all in its power to be efficient...yes, efficient at making MORE and more money out of us, while cutting their costs.

Government, we, isn't interested in profits but in ruining the government, us again, became the Republican strategy....but, as we've seen, business is even worse than government because business needs ever more and increasing profits and when all legitimate means come to an end, they will rob their "customers", us again, and sell the store too.

They did it with health care, they're doing it with schools, they're starting to do it with the military.

The funny thing is that we still have to pay from our pockets if not our taxes, but they want us paying them a profit, which we never had to pay when we paid with taxes...that's the extra burden, coupled with lower wages and poorer citizens, that's driving us into the ground.

Privatizing means eventually we're going to be charged more than we ever paid in


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