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Remember One Thing..probably duplicate
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, February 14 2007, 23:54:32 (CET)
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Always remember one thing…in Islam they still combine religious with secular law, as do the Jews…as all Christendom did till the Age of Reason in the 17th Century…in Christian nations we broke the back of the church and got their Sharia law off our backs…in Islam they haven’t yet…and you know these evangelicals of ours want nothing more than to impose their own Sharia law on us all…they’re the same ones who refused to allow their daughters back in the home if they were raped by a Muslim…who denied their children if they married anyone else but someone from their same tribe and religion.

They’ve since lived mostly under the laws and rules of others making, certainly in the West, where they were not able to get away with their barbarity…and you can see them in the West now, longing to impose their Christian Sharia law, like any backwoods preacher from the Appalachian wilds...or Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon.


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