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=> Republican congressmen join Islamophobic rally in California

Republican congressmen join Islamophobic rally in California
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, March 3 2011, 17:21:24 (UTC)
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Republican congressmen join Islamophobic rally in California
by Adam Horowitz Feb 3, 2011

The greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today released a video of a rally organized by anti-Muslim bigots to protest a February fundraising event held by an American Mulsim relief group for relief work and charity in the US.

A few hundred protesters showed up to the rally, which was sponsored by groups such as: "We Surround Them OC 912" (a local Teas Pary group), Rabbi David Eliezrie of Chabad - Yorba Linda, North Orange County Conservative Coalition, ACT! for America, and Pamela Geller (whose group "Stop the Islamization of America" has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center).

Elected officials Congressmen Ed Royce and Gary Miller, and Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly also attended and spoke at the protest rally.

The event -- held at Yorba Linda Community Center, a facility that has been frequented by Muslim families and businesses over the years -- first became a target of anti-Muslim bigots over two of the fundraiser's speakers, who were to speak on the importance of charity in Islam. Initial attempts of some groups to have the Yorba Linda Community Center and the Yorba Linda City Council cancel the fundraising event failed, followed by the protest.

In a statement, CAIR-LA said:

"We support the First Amendment right of protest/eors anywhere in America to voice their concerns, dissent, and even hatred. However, when our nation's foundational values of inclusiveness, pluralism and equality are attacked by some in favor of calls for adcovating hate and violence, then all Americans have a responsibility to challenge and expose such bigotry and those who enable it. "As the video shows, the rhetoric of the protesters became increasingly venomous toward the families and children who came to attend the ICNA Relief fundrasing dinner. Protesters shouted invective statements such as "Go home terrorist," "Muhammad is a pervert, Muhammad is a child molester," "Go home and beat your wife, she needs a good beating" at the event goers.
"Even more disturbing was the participation and encouragement of elected officals in promoting the hateful protest rally. Villa Park Counsilwoman, Deborah Pauly, while addressing the crowd at the rally, appeared to threated Muslim event-goers. Congressman Ed Royce (R-40), in a troubling trend of disparaging Islam and its followers, added fuel to the fire by encouraging protesters to continue on with their hate-mongering. The atendance of congressman Gary Millr (R-42) was a clear surprise, since he previously has engeged with all consituents, including Muslims, toward a better America. "We strongly urge all elected officials in attendace to distance themselves from such an exhibition of hate and bigotry. We furthers ask residents and elected officials of Yorba Linda, Orange County and others parts of our nation to speak out against such hateful rhetoric and the continued Islamophobia that plagues our nation."


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